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Certified Canadian Legal Forms

Lawyer and  Court Approved

  • Last Will & Testament

    CanLaw Last Will and Testament legal will forms are designed for the typical family with say, a house, car, some savings, a pension, and some kids. No legal advice is needed to make a will. Just follow the simple instructions. There is no magic in learning how to write a will. It is smart estate planning.

  • Power of Attorney

    CanLaw's Power of Attorney for Property kit is complete and has everything you need to protect you, and your loved ones, in the event that you are incapacitated. The kit includes all the necessary preprinted forms and easy to follow instructions.

  • Living Will

    A Living Will is vital today. Do you want to end your life in agony or as a comatose vegetable hooked to a machine even though there is no chance for your recovery? A Living Will is the best way to protect you from "heroic" medical measures meant to prolong life in a brain dead body.

  • Separation Agreement

    This kit is ideal for dealing with the end of a relationship, whether married, common law, same sex or any other arrangement. Even if you have a lawyer, this kit can save both of you thousands by helping you do the leg work a lawyer would have to do at a lawyer's high rates.

  • Proof of Divorce

    CanLaw's Divorce Certificate Kit You must have a Divorce Certificate as proof of your Canadian divorce to remarry or divorce again

    Only an Official Original Divorce Certificate issued by the court will do.

  • Travel Consent

    You need a formal certified  consent to travel letter if you are a single parent traveling with minor children

    A Travel Consent Form proves to border and customs authorities and foreign officials that a minor child has consent from BOTH of his or her parent(s) or guardian(s) to travel.

  • Shared Custody Parenting

    No need to fight. CanLaw's Shared Parenting Agreement kit guides you through the tough questions and helps you avoid conflicts about visits, report cards, vacations, custody, and all the other things that can come up over the kids.

    ‚ÄčShared Parenting Joint CustodyFull details on this kit and download or mail order

  • USA Waiver

    Been arrested, charged or convicted of any crime in Canada? This US Waiver kit is ideal for applying for a US Waiver so you enter the US legally without worry. It contains all the information you need, appropriate forms and simple easy to follow instructions.

  • Pardon   - Suspension

    This kit contains all the information you need for applying for a pardon, appropriate forms and simple easy to follow instructions.

    Yes, you absolutely should obtain a pardon once you are eligible. It will affect your future jobs, children, travel and credit.

    Do not pay some "Pardons" company to prepare your record suspension/pardon application. You can do it yourself for free.


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    Save up to 50% on packages of related legal kits.


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